Embark on an exciting journey into Israel, the homeland of the Jewish People and my home for the next year! I will be adding my new observations and perspective of student life at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, Israel. Enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow in Jerusalem!

Rumors were flying, as we were flying, that there would be snow in Jerusalem over the next few days. Well, I didn't believe it until I woke up this morning to a window filled with snow-flaked, snow-covered trees and sidewalks! Seriously, unbelievable. At first, I was excited to see snow in Jerusalem. "How pretty" I thought as I looked out the window, blow dried my hair, and put on clothes that I thought would keep me warm for my journey to HUC for the start of Winter Colloquium. Snow is not rain, I thought to myself, as my roommates and I decided it would be best to walk to school instead of take a cab. I mean, Israeli cab drivers are crazy, and our safety could not be guaranteed if we were to take one. So, clearly, walking half an hour to school seemed like the best option at the time. Well, how silly we must have been. After that "adventure," I can now tell my children that I once walked to school uphill, in the snow... and it wasn't pretty! I now realize that risking my life in a cab is certainly worth the dryness that would come with it. By the time I arrived to school, my jeans were completely soaked, as were my shoes and socks, which I hadn't thought ahead to bring another pair with me, and my beautiful hair with my cute new haircut was ruined. I was baffled when arriving at school and listening to my classmates talk about how happy they were about the snowfall. Now, granted, I am from California, but seriously, what is so great about snow?? I think I'd much rather have the choice to drive to the snow, or to stay in the sun where it is warm and my bones don't feel frozen. Needless to say, I took a cab home.